“The Whole Shebang”

The Rundown…

This route starts out in rolling hills and leads into the mountains to climb up then blast down. We will ride from the Inclusive Excursions HQ, then some rolling hills on paved and double track bike paths, ride through the grassy meadows, and then into the mountains where the real fun begins. Get ready for a 12–15 mile adventure through the mountains! This is where we will experience super fun, tight, and winding single tracks that lead us towards the peak. Once we hit our vista point overlooking Tahoe we will break for lunch with a view. We include prepackaged lunch for the group with each Inclusive Excursion. After lunch, lower your seat and put your game face on, we’re going down! From here we ride nearly 6 miles downhill back down to the beach and jump in for the most refreshing swim you’ll have all week.

The Trails…

Single track: 80%

Double track: 10% 

Paved path/road: 10%

We will ride about 14-15 miles depending on if the group is up for more scenic or fast-paced adrenaline-pumping trails. Throughout the entirety of this adventure we will climb roughly 3,000ft., and descend somewhere around 3400ft.


  • Group leader / riding buddy / coach / mechanic

  • Knowledge of bike setup, body posture, and techniques (tell us before your trip and we will watch your body position and techniques to offer personalized pointers)

  • After ride dip in the lake. Bring your bathing suit!

  • Fun variety of trails mostly single track 

  • Aggressive climbs and downhills

  • Advance terrain

  • After ride dip in the lake. Bring your bathing suit!

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