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North Carolina

  • Where in NC Can You Mountain Bike When It’s Raining?

    We want to ride, but it’s going to rain all weekend!

    So what?

    Pisgah National forest doesn’t care if its rainy, sunny, or snowy. We’re still gonna send it, and you should too! Mountain biking is a fun sport that should be enjoyed in all types of weather.

    Remember as a kid, playing in the mud? Well, now you can do it on a bike! Slipping and sliding through the chunk, splashing through the puddles just barely hangin’ on having a blast. What’s better than that? A sunny day? Nahh… its all on how you look at it. If you look at a rainy day thinking that you can’t ride or do anything outdoors, that’s exactly what the day will give you. If you look at it with a positive outlook though, can make it a day filled with fun and excitement!


    To me, a rainy day is just as good if not better than a sunny day. Something about splashing through puddles, sliding through the mud, and getting filthy produces nothing but smiles and pure joy. When the adventure crew is out playing in the rain and mud, you can find us on our bikes in Pisgah giggling and smiling until our cheek muscles hurt.


    Pisgah is located in the mountains of Western North Carolina and offers some of the gnarliest riding on the East Coast. Most of Pisgah is not a place for beginners but is a nice thrill if you know what you’re doing. With elevations over six thousand feet, you could say there is some elevation change. I will say if you like to shred a good downhill, this is the place. These runs seem to be never ending with nothing but smiles the whole way down.


    It is becoming more and more of a struggle to find places to ride in the rain or even after it rains. Lots of open trails today seem to be so well manicured that they don’t allow you to ride them during or after the rain. This is great, but it is always a blast to ride some raw chunk, washouts, and natural terrain. Pisgah provides this for us and that is why it’s one of our favorites to ride. Our favorite thing actually is to ride all day, and then backpack the falls.


    Every day has the potential to be a great day. It all depends on what you make of it! – Say Adventurous.