Adventure starts here.


  • Travel To Your Adventure Friends

    “Hey, wanna go on adventure?”

    “Heck yeah! I’m down!”

    Ever get this? Sometimes it’s great when your friends actually pull through, but when they say they will do the adventure, then bail, it can put a damper on your trip and wallet. Everyone has been here before. You ask your friends, they say yes, you book the trip…then they bail and leave you high and dry on the adventure. Now you have to pay for the whole trip and will be traveling solo!

    One way to solve this problem is to have your travel advisor bill your friends individually. Another is to travel solo and not worry about it at all. When you travel solo, you are the author of your own adventure. You decide what you want to do and when you want to do it.


    *Pic is just for example* (Brad is still adventurous)

    You may not be comfortable traveling solo yet, but I do recommend you try it. If you are one of these people, pick a spot where you have a friend or two and surprise them! This will most likely be a win for both parties. Just try to casually find out their plans in advance without giving away the surprise.

    Our Dad just had knee surgery and our uncle came out to surprise him and our Mom. This was a huge win for everyone! Bernie (our uncle) was happy because he had an excuse to travel, and he hasn’t seen Mom or Dad in years! Also, once he got to his destination, he had his own personal travel guide and friends to adventure with at the same time!

    Next time you think your friends might bail on you, either have your travel advisor bill their portion seperately, feel them out ahead of time, or if it’s a repeated habit of theirs, leave them out on this one and take a solo adventure. Find a friend in a destination you think might be cool to check out and go. You won’t regret it.



  • How To Be Successful

    How do you define success? Just like adventure, everyone seems to define it differently. Everyone has their own definition of adventure, and the same goes for success.

    Many people will say success is to have a lot of money, big house, fancy cars, yachts, even planes. If you ask someone else it may simply be – freedom.

    Now-a-days everyone seems to be caught up in what everyone else thinks about him or her. If freedom is what you are looking for you can’t think like this. Freedom is living the life YOU want to live, and not how someone else wants you to live based on judgement. Cut those people out of your life that are judging you and making you feel this way. These peole and their mindset will hold you back from following your dreams. If you don’t want to cut them out completely, limit your time with them, and learn to have selective hearing.

    If you live your whole life searching for other people’s approval, you are not living for yourself, you are living for other people. Freedom is the ability to live the exact life that you wish to live. You can be living out of a van traveling the world, or living in a mansion working your butt off every day. Both can be considered success.


    Do What Makes YOU Feel Good!

    85% of people hate their job! – Gallop Poll

    This number is appalling! Most of the population spends an average of one third of their adult life at work. Why would someone spend close to half of their lives doing something they hate? Sure, everyone has to make money to pay bills, take care of family, mortgage, etc., but you can find a way to make money doing something you like! Find what sparks your fire.


    If you want to be successful, do exactly what you love to do; that is success! Money will follow. If you believe in something that makes you happy and fulfilled, DO IT! Don’t let anyone stand in your way even if it’s family. If your dream is to quit your job and ride your bicycle across the country, DO IT! Maybe vlog your journey along the way, and that can be how the money follows.

    Success is not an item, success is of the beholder. Follow your heart and your dreams. Then, you will have success.


  • How To Train A Trail Dog…

    Do you have a Trail Buddy? Not necessarily another rider but a dog! Having a trail dog is one of the coolest part of our adventures. They say a dog is man’s best friend. Now take your best friend and have him chase you through the trails. It puts a great big smile on his face, your face, and your other riding buddies’ faces.

    Kayak Dog

    Adventure Buddy is an avid camper hiker, rock climber, kayaker, SUP boarder, dirt bike rider, motorcycle rider, beach goer, and best friend. Make sure you and your furry buddy always come prepared. Bring a life jacket for you and him when boating.

    Some people wonder how he is so good, and wish their dog could be like Buddy without running off. Truth be told, I am no dog trainer. The most important piece to the puzzle is trust. This goes for dogs and children. If you keep your dog on a leash his or her whole life, the second you take them off they are going to bolt. They want to explore while they have the chance! Most trainers would disagree with me, but as I am writing this, I am in a park on a peninsula. Buddy is swimming, exploring, and saying hi to others, all while checking in with me every ten minutes or so.

    Adventure Dog

    Buddy is rarely ever leashed, and it’s been this way since he was a pup. Now he is three. There was a little bit of a rebel stage in his teen years, or around 1.5 years old. That took a bit more due-diligence to pay attention to him. It is important to let him know if he’s been a bad boy and reward him when he’s a good boy. I found it very helpful to keep treats with me so if he was off adventuring, I would call him. When he came, I would give him a treat. He liked this and learned to come when I called him. If he didn’t come I would make him sit and go nose to nose with him without saying a thing. I would stare into his eyes feeding him my disappointed energy. He knew what he did was bad. Now, if I give him “that look,” he doesn’t sit or wait for me to even get close to him. He comes to my feet, then rolls over with his arms and legs in the air waiting for me to say it’s okay.

    Trail Dog

    If you trust your dog or child to make their own decisions to an extent, they will be more respectful to your orders because it will be their choice to follow them. I learned this from my parents growing up. This is how they trained me. They gave me a long enough leash to explore life on my own while still keeping a close enough eye on me. This allowed me to learn self-dependence and understand why I should or shouldn’t do something. 

    Here is an example: 

    If you baby your child all through high school and don’t let him off your leash, that energy and curiosity will be kept inside waiting to explode. The second he has a chance to be off the leash, things can get bad. Like everything, drinking is okay in moderation, but if your leashed children never experience that, as soon as they go away to college or to the real world, they might party too hard to catch up on all the years they missed. This could lead to a downhill spiral towards alcoholism, mischief, or even drug abuse. This theory goes for your adventure dog too. Trust is key.

    I personally take my Riding Buddy with me every ride we do. He’s a trooper and switches on beast mode for our rides. He’s a little thirty pound Beagle / Border Collie mix and he not only hangs with us, but usually ends up running past and waiting on us. On the downhills though, he is in hot pursuit.

    You can say Buddy is a competitive rider. He doesn’t like being in the back of the pack. He likes to battle with us through the single track, both of us skimming trees in the process. On the downhills when he realizes his little legs can’t quite keep up with the RPMs of our bike wheels, he gets a little frustrated. 

    Bark! Bark! aaahoooooooo! Barking and howling at us to wait up for him, he chases us as fast as his legs will take him until we get to the next uphill as he dashes past us to take the lead again. He will sit at the top of the hill with his tongue out patiently waiting until we reach the summit, then he takes off again. Buddy is a well trained trail dog…unless he catches a scent of something. Then off he goes barking and howling again, but this time not at us rather another animal. Usually, we will keep on riding at a slower pace until he hops back on the trail farther down the line without skipping a beat. 

    Adventure Dog

    No matter what the adventure is, Buddy will be there with us for the excitement. Having Buddy with us makes our adventure complete.

  • Hiking Hawaii

    Hiking in a tropical paradise with panoramic views, breathtaking waterfalls and volcanic landscapes is on the bucket list of many, especially when considering the island of Hawaii.  With trails ranging from family-oriented or easy to skilled or expert,this chain of volcanic islands offers opportunities to explore unlike any other place on Earth.


    One of the most famous hikes is the Kalalau Trail.  This 22-mile round trip hike located on Kauai, traverses through five valleys and across cliffs.  Here you will find epic views on the NaPall Coast. It leads to Kalalau Beach, which is only accessible via this hike.  It is a tropical paradise where you will enjoy panoramic views, turquoise water and white sand. However, please beware.  Trails are narrow and quickly flood. Falling rocks make for unsafe swimming. Always remain cautious, but what an experience!  It’s an outstanding hike.


    Kaena Point is another popular destination. This is an easier hike with some folklore attached.  It is said to be the place where souls go after death to leap into the otherworld. This wraps around Kaena Point on the western tip of Oahu where a lighthouse oversees a serene beach.  Here there are natural tidepools, stone arches and stunning views. Often monk seals can be seen lounging in the tidepools. Little shade can be found on this hike, so remember to pack plenty of water and sunblock.


    Diamond Head Trail is another easier hike on Oahu on the edge of Waikiki Coast. This three-mile round trip hike has a 500’ elevation gain with two sets of steep stairs, which can be strenuous, but it’s worth it.  It winds inside an extinct crater where volcanic rock covers 450 acres. At the summit you will reach the Diamond Head State Monument where on a clear day you will see a spectacular view of Oahu’s popular south shore.


    Another great hike is the Koko Head Crater Trail, which is also on Oahu.  Depending on your ability, this hike will be thirty minutes to an hour, but it is one of the best.  Be sure to take breaks as you climb the 1,000 steep stairs. This trail can be a grueling workout, but the panoramic views of Diamond Head and lava rock beaches are most rewarding!


    The easy to moderate Manoa Falls Trail traverses through lush vegetation with spectacular scenery.  Much wildlife may be observed including many varieties of birds. Please take extra care in the rain as trails may quickly become slippery.  Also keep in mind that while the falls are quite a sight to experience, swimming may be hazardous and is not recommended.


    Also known as the Kaiwa Ridge Trail, the Lanikai Pillbox Hike winds along the Kaiwa Ridge on Oahu.  It leads to a stunning view of Lanikai Beach and the Mokulua Islands. Its nickname “pillboxes” come from the boxes scattered along the trail.  This hike is especially recommended for beautiful coastline sunrise views. If hiking with the sunrise in mind, begin early and bring a flashlight.  


    One of the more dangerous or adventurous hikes is the Olomana Three Peaks Trail on Oahu. Caution is especially advised here as there is no room for error.  It is very steep with many drop-offs. Do not attempt this hike if you have any fear of heights. Dry days are the best to plan this hike. Peak One is strenuous with drops on both sides.  Peak Two is less challenging with stunning views. Peak Three is only for the most experienced mountaineers. This trail is popular with mountain bikers and rock climbers alike.


    Before undertaking any hiking trip in Hawaii, there are a few unofficial rules for all hikers as even the easiest hike may be dangerous. Preparation is key to success.  Always tell someone where you are going! Proper footwear is a must. No sandals. Considerations for changeable weather is on the list. Flash flooding remains a constant threat, so beware of that possibility.  Pay attention to ground conditions as slippery mud can be treacherous especially on steep slopes. Be sure to pack enough water for each hiker (½ liter per mile) and include plenty of snacks as well as sunblock.  Also, there are many areas that are sacred to locals, so treat all areas with respect. Always make note of trail difficulties and only traverse those you know you can handle. Some hikes include dangerous cliff walks, where fatalities have occurred.  Personal safety needs to be a priority. One last thought, beware of the temptation for the ultimate selfie. Use care when planning your photos.


    Choices for hiking seem endless in Hawaii, so before you leave for your trip, be sure to research.  Only a few hikes are summarized here, but there are many. When planning, in order to make the most of your trip, know your strengths and consider carefully. Most of all enjoy this spectacular experience!