Welcome to beautiful Lake Tahoe!

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Lake Tahoe is a bucket list destination and here you are!
Congratulations, you made it! Woohooo!

** If you live here, or have been before, you still get a woohoo! **

You came to the right Place. Inclusive Excursions is a Grab N’ Go rental outfitter. No hassle, no ties, just load up and enjoy. Drop in across the street or take the equipment wherever you’re headed! Just be safe is all we ask.

We do not require guided tours to rent from us. Just Grab N’ Go!

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We understand not everyone is a field trip vibes kind of person, and that’s totally fine. Some are – some aren’t. No problem! Our kayaks and paddle boards are here for you and your crew to enjoy how you want, so head over and get to enjoying.

Come out and experience the breathtaking views that Zephyr Cove, NV has to offer. You can also feel free to take the ‘yaks or boards wherever you’d like… just as long as your back on time – please and thank you. 🙂