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Shark Fest Becomes a Reality…

You know what time of year it is–Shark Fest! The week where you grab your adventure buddies and gather around the big screen. It’s an excuse to watch the box without kicking yourself for not adventuring out there on your own. What if you could?

All this talk about sharks combined with fascinating facts, learning that by nature they aren’t as aggressive toward humans as some think, doesn’t it make you want to dive on in and go for a swim with them? Okay, well maybe not for everyone, but that’s what adventure travel is all about–reaching outside your limits.

If you’ve been searching for a most unique adventure, grab the jumper cables and jumpstart yourself by getting in the water with the sharks. Whether free diving or in a cage, shark diving is one of the most exhilarating experiences out there.  Even though it’s not so physically intensive, when you’re in the water with the sharks, and your adrenaline is pumping like never before, it will feel like you’re in the midst of a triathlon!

shark, cage diving sharks  Experience is not always necessary. Knowledgeable and professional staff provide you with all the equipment along with the education of what to expect when in the water.  Safety and comfort is always priority. Be prepared with your GoPro or camera to capture moments with sharks as you share time in their natural environment.

cage diving sharks


Shark diving destinations range from Florida to Mexico to Hawaii, but some of the best shark diving in the world is in South Africa.  If you’re heading that way, know that adrenaline experiences abound. While you’re there, add adventure by snorkeling with seahorses or kayaking with crocs, bungee jump or skydive, explore caves or jungles, motorcycle or hike…there is no shortage of adventure in South Africa. Shark diving is an adventure of a lifetime. Adventure awaits.