“Out of the Gate”

The Rundown…

Your guide will teach you the ropes in a personalized on-bike training session. We cover everything from proper seat height, body position, proper set up for bike components, tire pressure, proper suspension settings for your weight, when to shift up or down, when to brake and wether to use your front, back, or both brakes, lower or raise seat, and basic tips and tricks from our experienced guides. Most importantly, we explain the why. How are you supposed to understand if you your instructor doesn’t explain why or why not to do something? We encourage questions during all of our tours!

The Trails…

Single track: 30%

Double track: 55% 

Paved path/road: 15%

This route is mostly flat to rolling hills and consist of paved bike paths, wider double tracks, and some beginner level single tracks. This trail system offers the perfect variety of trails and obstacles for starting out and getting the feel for it. For the “Out of the Gate” experience, we don’t have a set loop. It is more of a go with the flow depending on the experience of our clients. We can ride the same trail over and over again, and teach for the allotted time if that’s how you learn best. Depending on your skill level and comfortability on the bike, we can dive in to the single track trails where you will be coached on corner speed, balance, and looking ahead. If you’re really feeling yourself on the bike, we can even guide you through small rock gardens, but only if you’re up for it.


  • MTB guide / coach / mechanic

  • One on one training with expert mountain biker

  • Knowledge on bike setup, body posture, and basic skills

  • Overcoming new obstacles and getting comfortable on your bike

  • Beginner terrain

  • After ride dip in the lake. Bring your bathing suit!

1 hour – $65/pp
2 hours – $120/pp
3 hours – $170/pp
4 hours – $240/pp
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