“Just the Tip”

The Rundown…

This route goes from rolling hills to semi-mountainous terrain. We will ride with you from the hills and bike paths to the fun and winding singletrack. This is roughly a 4-6 mile loop depending on which trails the group is more interested in riding. We will climb roughly 700ft. and descend about 1,000ft.. total 


Single track: 65%

Double track: 15% 

Paved path/road: 10%

These trails are great for beginner to intermediate riders. You will experience just the tip of what our tours have to offer while keeping it tamed down. We will pedal through this tight single track where it is challenging yet forgiving making it a less strenuous tour. 


  • Group leader / riding buddy / coach / mechanic

  • Knowledge of bike setup, body posture, and techniques (tell us before your trip and we will watch your body position and techniques to offer personalized pointers)

  • After ride dip in the lake. Bring your bathing suit!

  • Fun variety of trails mostly single track 

  • Mild climbs and downhills

  • Intermediate terrain

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