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  • Does the Corona Virus Affect Travel?

    Is Covid-19 affecting travel?
    The answer is yes. Covid-19 is affecting just about everyone and everything in some way, shape, or form.

    At this point, I’m sure you noticed this already. Up to date, (04/02/2020) there are a total of 1,014,673 cases […]

  • Top 5 Mountain Bike Trails In Slovenia?

    Slovenia is a land full of adventure.  “Green is more than a colour in Slovenia.  It is ‘Slovene green’ that expresses the balance between calmness of nature and diligence of the Slovene people.  It stands for intact nature and our focus to keep it […]

  • How To Be Successful

    How do you define success? Just like adventure, everyone seems to define it differently. Everyone has their own definition of adventure, and the same goes for success.

    Many people will say success is to have a lot of money, big house, […]