Our Approach

We are not your typical travel agency. We pride ourselves on customizing your adventures to fit your lifestyle to every last detail. We don’t just ship you off and say,”Have fun.” We actually provide a detailed schedule and maps, if needed, of what to do and how to do it.

Our Story

Inclusive Excursions started based on a dream and the way we wish to live every day. Success is not necessarily all about money; it is more about happiness. This is what we love doing, so we followed our passion. We love to take adventures and have as much fun as possible. We treat our clients more as friends with the same mindset as us rather than just another customer.  Every trip we book, we plan it as if we were going with the clients, and some trips we do!

Meet the Team

Our team will be with you every step of the way. We have some of the best customer service available to answer any questions you may have before and during your adventures. Give us a call to see how we can set up you and your crew with the perfect trip for your lifestyles!

Inclusive Excursions Casey

Casey Tynan

Founder & CEO

Outdoor enthusiast, I created Inclusive Excursions based on passion. I believe if you do what you love, you will be happy! I’m always willing to go the extra mile for clients and will treat you as family. I love teaching others how to have as much fun as possible.  A happy client makes a happy Casey!


Kathy Tynan

Vice President & CFO

Kathy is a nature lover for sure. She loves the outdoors and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. Always there to give a helping hand and does what it takes to answer any questions our clients may have. Just like the rest of the team, Kathy is in it because she loves our customers and the great outdoors.


Brad Montague


Brad is very knowledgable with outdoor activities. He enjoys learning the clients’ interests and creating the perfect adventures.  Brad plans for his clients with the same standards that he plans for himself when adventuring in the outdoors. Brad makes sure his clients have a trip chock full of adventure, and they couldn’t agree more!

Want to know more?

We are excited to hear from you. Let’s book your next adventure together! Call now to get more info: 973-248-7103.

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