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May 2018

  • Lake George – New York

    Lake George has been a hot spot for summer vacation for generations, and for good reason! If you have been to the area previously in the summer, then I bet you are already planning on coming back. If you have never traveled here in the summer, then here’s your opportunity. Although, this area is an amazing vacation spot all year round, Lake George really heats up in the summer.

    Stay in a cabin………….. or camp out in tents with your friends and have the time of your life. With crystal clear water, scenic mountains, and a ton of nightlife what more could you ask for! The options are endless. For the laid back traveler, you can fish, lay on the beach, take a ride on the ferry, boat, or lounge by the bonfire. Later on at night go out to King Neptune’s or Christie’s for some upbeat live music, dancing, and cold beer.

    Then there’s tubing, hiking, mountain biking, and cliff jumping for the more adventurous types. The hiking here is some of the best in the North East and there is a trail for everyone. The difficult trek up to Prospect Mountain allows you too see for nearly 100 miles or you can walk along the Lakeshore trail to see waterfalls and overlook the lake. To get your adrenaline pumping make a trip to Calves Pen. It is a popular spot to cliff jump with its three levels to jump off.  

    This trip has a number of options in order to customize it to your liking. Get a group of your friends together and Inclusive Excursions will take care of the rest. You don’t want to miss out on this jam packed long weekend away from home, lakeside with all your best friends.    

  • Helpful Tips from Inclusive Excursions: Sugar

    -Keep Sugar in Your First Aid Kit!

    Have you ever noticed that pure granulated sugar never molds or goes bad?  That’s because bacteria does not grow in sugar. Instead, it is known that sugar actually dehydrates bacteria, so it cannot survive. Applying sugar to a wound may actually prevent a serious infection!  

    Once the bleeding stops, place a thin layer of sugar on the wound and cover loosely. Granulated sugar draws moisture from the wound, which prevents growth of bacteria.  (  

    Be mindful that punctures should be left open, and please know that this is not replacement for medical advice; however, when you’re out in the woods or far from help, a bag of sugar may prove resourceful for treating wounds.

    -Essentials to Pack When Hiking (coming soon)

  • Welcome to the IE Blog!

    Welcome to Inclusive Excursions’ Blog.  We’re glad that you’re here. Inclusive Excursions is a travel agency that sells personalized adventures to unique destinations. Our intention for this Blog is to provide a place to offer ideas for new adventures, but also to give helpful hints about travel and the outdoors.  Keep a lookout for new tips each week!

    First a word about Inclusive Excursions.  Defining adventure is based on personal perspective. Our goal is to create tours for everyone from the beginner to the most advanced. If your definition of adventure is exploring foreign culture, we will find that for you.  On the other hand, if you prefer to push your limits on level V rapids, let us know.  We are here to make your dream of adventure come true no matter what your definition may be.

    The world is our playground.  Let’s explore it together.

    Explore New Lands

    From Your Inclusive Excursions Team…

    Awaken your inner explorer in Peru.  Hike to Machu Picchu, bike the Sacred Valley, kayak Lake Titicaca and connect with the locals while you learn about culture on this adventure-filled exploration in South America.  Guides will lead the way as you travel and experience a trip of a lifetime.

    Prefer to hike but not bike?  No problem! Tailor-made adventures match your travel style whether by hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting or ziplining.  One of the world’s best known hikes is the Inca Trail Trek–destination the Inca Ruins! Enjoy cloud forests and mountain views on this most memorable, high-altitude trek.

    Contact us early to book your trip.  Remember Inclusive Excursions’ goal is to create a personalized trip to match your adventure style, so be ready for a good conversation while we get to know you.